Ultrasounds available on your iphone?

Friday, February 11, 2011

There are new soon-to-be-released ultrasound machines on the way!! They are compatible with a smartphone! HOW COOL IS THAT? Not sure anyone but the BD will realize exactly how excited I am about this. It bothers me like whoa that I can't see the little bean whenever I feel like it. That will come soon enough when she's born and all, but if you could see in there, wouldn't you? Just to make sure that everything was okay? Any risk factors associated with an ultrasound are still unknown, but if it's ok for the bean, I want one at every appointment! It would make me feel so much more at ease. Anyways, these machines of the future are not available for personal use (due to the Tom Cruise law) but are intended to reach women in remote locations. Read the article, and learn more about the Tom Cruise law here.

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