Cooper baby shower!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lee's Dad's side of the family threw us our second baby shower! It was wonderful. We played lots of games that were really fun-- no lame baby shower games! We played one where we had to "birth the baby". There were little plastic babies frozen in ice cubes, and we had to get them out without the use of our hands. Well, they had to stay in the cup and you could use your breath and insulate the cup with your hands. Lee won, of course.
There was lots of amazing food, cake, and decorations. Sue, Vickie, and Sarah did an AMAZING job, and I can't thank them enough! We received so many gifts, and I think we're set on everything we're going to need for the little bean to arrive! Including enough diapers to last us at least a month! We had a wonderful time, and it was so nice to feel that this baby is celebrated. Everyone in his family is so supportive. We're very blessed.
Here are some pictures that Vickie uploaded today:

Lee, and the baby he "Birthed".

The cake!

Lee, opening presents.

Trying to "birth" my baby.

Diaper cake.

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