First baby shower: DONE!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's kind of bitter-sweet, but my first baby shower is over. :( It was a two-for baby shower, with my sorority mama, who is a few weeks behind me. I'm pretty jealous of her... she barely has a belly, and I look like I'm about to pop any day!

It was super fun and I received tons of cool stuff! I wasn't really expecting any gifts from my sorority sisters. I thought we would just play some games and have a good time, but they got me sooo much! I took pictures of everything I received, and I was going to add it to this post, but then I realized it would take up the whole page!

Besides the presents (which are totally the best!) we played games:

Porno or Pregnant? Pictures of women in labor or orgasmically screaming?

The lovely host, Rachel, made cupcakes and rice krispies party favors. There was brunch with mimosas. We decorated onsies. It was pretty great! Thanks, Rachel!!!!

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