day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My sorority sisters and I one year ago. I can't believe the physical change in myself, much less in my life. A year ago, I was ready to graduate college. I was doing well in school. I had a new, but amazing boyfriend. I was ready to begin a full-time job and work my way up in a company. I was the president of my sorority, and was BUSY. I went to the bar a few times a week and drank very socially. (What can I say, I was in college...).

Here is me at my baby shower on Saturday with my birth mom. I've only gained about 25 pounds, but it looks like I've gained 60. I can especially see in the picture how big my face is... gross. It looks like I'm having twins... so weird. I'm ready to become a Mommy. I haven't partied in a long, long time. Sometimes, I even have a hard time connecting to BD and friends because my priorities have changed so much. However, I am a much stronger person. I stand up for myself, and no one will push me around.
I'm not exactly where I thought I would be a year ago. Getting pregnant definitely threw me for a loop, but I have to say it's the best and most important thing that's happened to me my whole life. And I can't wait to begin my new life, with a whole new set of priorities, as a mother.

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