33 weeks is harder than I thought.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

No picture right now. I'm too grumpy.

How far along? 33 weeks, 4 days.

Total Weight Gain: 23 lbs. I've lost a couple of pounds. Not sure why, but maybe I'm burning more calories because I'm carrying around so much weight. Maybe.

Belly button: Innie. I don't think it's gonna pop...

Stretch marks: MORE! Damn it! BD said something about it this morning. :( I just hope they GO AWAY!

Maternity clothes: Continued comfort. Kinda. I mean the clothes are fine, but I'm going to be uncomfortable no matter what. I don't fit into my work pants anymore. I have to, which is annoying. Can you tell the shift in attitude? :)

Gender: GIRL! still. hopefully.

Movement: Hiccups at least twice a day. She moves my belly around sometimes. Like shakes it completely. She doesn't somersault at all anymore. I mostly get just jabs. And her hitting my ribs/organs/cervix when I have a contraction.

Symptoms: Bebe has moved down. She is somehow putting pressure on my nerves... possibly my sciatic nerve. I can't sit or walk comfortably because I can't put any pressure on my left leg. If I do, I get shooting pains up my leg and in my hip joint. I tried yoga, but it didn't go over well. At all. Too much pain. I did listen to lots of hypnobabies today, to make up for the past few days that I didn't. It ended up with a wonderful nap, which caused me to sleep through 2 alarms. But they weren't important alarms... so I'm ok with it.
She's really hurting my ribs, and I'm not really comfortable in any position. I'm in a bitching mood if you can't tell. I'm very tired of being pregnant.

Food aversions: Not much. I'll eat anything at this point. I don't eat as regularly anymore. That needs to change.

Food cravings: Spicy food, lots of yogurt, ice cream.

What I miss: Everything. BD told me yesterday that he doesn't remember me not pregnant. I'm ready to be comfortable again. Sleep through the night. Pee on a normal basis.

What I am looking forward to: Moving in with BD, as soon as this weekend! Starting my NEW job. BD's family baby shower. etc.

Milestones: Being 33 weeks preggo. New OB, I had an appointment today. I have another one in two weeks and then I go every week until she's born. We're really almost there.

Names we're thinking recently: Completely lost. I'm trying to open it up to more names. sigh.

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