A Happy Xmas Gift

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hello, all. I've been slacking on the posting, I know. But in my defense, I've tried. I keep sitting down to write a post, and cannot think of anything worthy. It's pretty much the same old same old over here. The usual me working all the time and spending as much time with my little peanut as possible.

Clara is growing all the time, as children tend to do...

List of recent accomplishments:
-talking a little more. Mom. Mama. Dada. Mickey and Minnie. Dora. Boots. Shoes. Juice. Cup. Ball. Dog. Kitty. Pee-pee. Poo-poo. (especially entertaining).
-Enjoying "reading" more. She has her favorite books. Even follows along with the words with her finger as I read them.
 -Drawing. I credit this mainly to her Dad, and his love of drawing. She even holds a pen correctly. Pens are her favorite drawing implement. She can even draw (and kind of say) the letter "a".
 -Walking. Running. Going up and down the stairs quickly and with ease. Rough housing. Playing games. Climbing.
-She's very good at sharing, loving, and caring. She has a deep love for animals, and I can't wait until she's old enough for her first pet. (Don't worry, it's a long way off yet). This summer, I see many trips to the beach, the zoo, and the park. As many as my work schedule will allow.

 She's turning into an even more sweet and intelligent young lady. I'm a proud mama, to say the least. To be responsible for even a little of her upbringing, and seeing what a sweet, empathetic little girl she is quite the accomplishment for me. :-)

So, onto the main event!

I've been wanting to make a play kitchen for Clara since before her first birthday. My plan was obviously an idea off of Pinterest. I wanted to turn an old entertainment stand/cabinet into a kitchen. Much like this:

I over-estimated my ability for such a project. Especially since I have no tools.

I had thought about buying a new one, but at $100-$300 for the ones I wanted, it wasn't an option. Lucky me, I ended up finding this beauty on Craigslist a few weeks ago:

I had already pulled the door off when I decided I should take a before picture.
I had debating on just leaving it as is. But, of course, I have to be "creative" and take on yet another project in my busy schedule. So while Clara was with her Dad the weekend before xmas, I bought paint and spent three days on this thing. I bought spray-paint primer, not thinking about the fact that it was too cold to use it outside. So, I ended up painting about 8-9 coats. I've never been happier to finish a project. And I think it turned out pretty well. :)

I promise, she was much more excited when she opened it.

Thanks for reading! I've missed your comments!

30 Days of Clothes

Monday, October 22, 2012

Immediate disclaimer: I am in no way a fashionista. No one who knows me would call me fashion-forward. However, I'm challenging myself to TRY to look nice for work. Therefore, the 30 Days of Clothes challenge has begun. If you would like to join me in this challenge, please head over to instagram and follow me! If you join in the challenge, please use the hashtag #30daysofclothes.


I won't be posting any pictures on the blog... I'm too self conscious. But here's a sample of what you can expect daily, Monday-Friday, on instagram. Also, be prepared for lots of riding boots. I am in love.

Friday: Things I've Found This Week

Friday, October 12, 2012

Once upon a time, back when I had more free time, and blogged more often, this post seemed to be a favorite. And how could I deny a favorite!? Here we go again, enjoy!

This will be quite the hodge podge of random things, since I've built  up a lot of enjoyable and interesting things to show you in the last four months! Please feel free to comment. Actually, I really really think you should comment. Give me your feedback! It will help me to continue posting stuff you like and quit posting stuff you don't!

Also, if you read the blog regularly, or just enjoy some of my posts, or maybe you just think I have an adorable baby, do us a favor and click the big blue button at the bottom and vote for us on TopBabyBlogs.com. It's how we can get out there and get more readers! Thanks!

1.  99 Things You Should Have Experienced on the Internet!- This is debatable. The only way you could have experienced all 99, is if all you do is stumble-upon things all day. Oh, wait. That's what I do.... Some things on this list are enjoyable, but some are just plain dumb. Maybe you'll like them, no judgement if you do.

2. Mitch Hedberg Quotes- Because he's funny. For a drug-induced comedian. Who am I kidding? I love him. I remember sitting in a High School class with Val Huisman, going back and forth with these quotes and hysterically laughing. I digress...

3. 20 Creative Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding- Because, you know, I'm totally about to get married. No, not at all. But I'm wedding-obsessed, despite my clear and obvious fear of commitment. This just goes to show you how out-of-sorts this post is going to continue to be. Anyways, the ideas are cute, so enjoy.

4. 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do- Because I agree everyone should know how to build a fire, win a street fight, and tell a great story, because you'll never know if you'll be chosen for the hunger games this year, and those skills are important.

5. Interesting Unknown Facts- Because, as you know, everything you read on the internet is true. So, fill up on that knowledge, people!

6. 10 Cool Kid's Halloween Costume Ideas- Some really creative ideas here. I love the idea of dressing a kid as the little old man from Up. Hint-hint Ashley Griffin! Personally, I really want to dress Clara up as Harry Potter. Is that so wrong?

7. Life After College Road Map Infographic- Who doesn't love a good infographic? Amiright? Wish I would have had this after college. Too bad, cuz I'm still living with my mom. Enjoy!

8. 7 Things Every Parent Should Discuss with Their Child and 3 Things They Shouldn't- I completely agree with this. Although, I think kids should know about money, that you have to work for it, that it doesn't grow on trees and such, but they should never know that the family is facing financial hardship. I'm not saying you should spoil them so that you have no idea, but don't put money-stress on them. They'll have enough of that when they grow up. Just let them be kids a little while longer. I also think you should add body-image to the list. Your kid should never hear the words "I'm fat". Just make healthy decisions for the whole family.

9. 25 Ways to Talk so Children Will Listen- I don't know a single parent who doesn't wish their kid will listen a little better. I think these tips are fantastic. The one that makes the biggest difference with Clara, is getting down to her level, and staying positive. The second she hears "no", she tunes out and runs in the opposite direction.

10. 500 Things to do With Your Kids Besides Watching TV- I know that I'm going to struggle this winter to not let Clara watch TV so much. During the warmer months, we're outside all the time. And not always by my choice, but by hers. She LOVES the outdoors. Anytime she sees a pair of her shoes, or hears a door open and close, it's like she remembers that there's a world outside. I love the list of indoor activities, and I know I'll get good use of this list in the coming months.

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Car Seat Giveaway!

Monday, October 8, 2012

I LOVE this blog. And by love, I mean I stalk it obsessively. Ok, not really. But Elena is great, and her little family is the most adorable thing I've seen yet. Along with being a super mom, Elena does product reviews on items she really believes in, and does several giveaways! Not only are her reviews informative, but they're extremely thorough, including pictures of her adorable little Alexis!

This week, it's an awesome car seat from Maxi-Cosi! Head on over and read her review and enter to win!

I'm Back!

Friday, September 14, 2012

I took a long, much needed blogging break for about four months. It was much needed. I found myself not being able to come up with anything to write, and I needed to take some time, and reevaluate what this blog is all about and how I wanted my purpose to come across to my readers. Just so you know, I won't be posting as freqently, and I'll tell you why.

I've been blessed with an awesome full-time job. Finally! I'm now an insurance producer for Allstate Insurance. (If you live in Michigan, and you want a quote, please let me know! I'd love to have your business!) The only downside is that the commute to my office is an hour long. This quickly turned my nine-hour work day into an eleven-hour work day. 

I don't mind do much. I love my job. I find myself being excited to end the weekend and get back to work. I thought it would be several years before I actually found a job I enjoyed, but this job is wonderful. I love helping people, and feeling like I earned my paycheck, and this job gives me both. I get out exactly what I put in. 

Now, onto the real purpose of this post, my sweet Clara Leanne. She's almost 18-months-old. She's in day care 11 hours a day, which leaves me maybe a few hours a day. It's a difficult adjustment for me after being home with her all summer, but Clara is thriving! She loves daycare, and I'm fortunate to have the best person for the job. 

Clara finally started walking about six weeks ago, and ever since, she's been all go go go. She has expanded her vocabulary a bit. She often says, "dada, hi dada, bye bye baby, no-no (complete with finger wag, which I'm pretty sure she gets from me), night night, grandma, dog, cat, tree, out... etc.

She helps me with getting her dressed, and often walks around the house with an arm through a discarded pair of her own pants. She helps me clean up, and pick up her toys. She turns the light off in her room and turns on her night light all by herself when it's bedtime, and goes to bed readily. She USED THE POTTY for the first time, which we won't keep pursuing at this time. I'm stoked that she's interested, but still too young to understand the concept.

Clara has a deep love for books, which makes me excited for the future learning we have yet to do. She'll often pick a book out of her basket in the living room and crawl into my lap with it, waiting to be read to. 

She loves animals. Any animal. Anywhere. 

She gives kisses with her tongue out, and weirdly sticks her hand down the front of my shirt when I pick her up at the end of the day. Some kind of weird hello, I'm guessing. She gives the best cuddles/hugs and pats my back. 

She's fantastic. 

Anyways. Here's some photo updates. I'd love to hear your comments! Also, we wouldn't mind if you voted for us on TopBabyBlogs.com, to give us a boost now that we're back. We missed you! On to the summer photo dump!

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