My little bean...

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm getting very anxious to meet you. You've been growing and gaining strength for 35 weeks now, and I think we're both getting impatient. :) Only two more weeks to wait, and then you could make your appearance anytime. I would appreciate if you waited another two weeks, until you're big enough and your Daddy and I have everything ready for you.
We had our last baby shower yesterday, and now we have EVERYTHING for you, except a crib and bottles. But we're working on it. I'll be going shopping for you (my favorite kind of shopping to do), this week after my appointment. I even set up your swing last night all by myself, and it looks pretty good. I'm so very excited to set up your nursery and get everything ready for you. We have enough diapers for your first two months, as long as you don't grow too fast. :)
You have gotten so many precious outfits that I can't wait for you to wear. You'll probably grow out of them before you get a chance to wear them all. You certainly are loved by everyone! People are getting anxious to see you. (Besides me and your daddy.)
I keep wondering what you think of the inside of me. I pretty much have your movements down to a science. I can run my fingertips down my belly, and it almost seems like I'm tickling you. You push right back, too. You totally like the heating pad that I put on my back. It's like you nestle right into my spine, which almost makes the back pain worse, but I'm ok with it. I mean, not really, but I'll have to put up with you. :)
You cousin Lilly says it's time for you to come out. And that she thinks your name should be Lilly too. She's already asked me 3 times today if you're going to come out and see her today. She helped me fold all of your outfits when I did laundry last night, and played with some of your toys. She has also asked me 5 bajillion times if she can hold you after you're born. She's pretty excited to meet you.
Lola walked around smelling your swing, diapers, and clothes today. I think she's starting to get used to all of these strange baby items. She's excited to meet you too. As long as you don't chase her around the house and pull her tail, and I'm pretty sure you'll do exactly that.

I love you, little girl. And I can't wait to meet you and match your beautiful face to the baby I dream about every night.

Love, Mama.

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