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Monday, October 31, 2011

A mini-update: Clara had an ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder yesterday. We won't get the results for a few days yet. Clara did a SUPER job throughout all of it. Always smiley and well-behaved. Such a trooper.

We didn't do the whole trick-or-treating thing last night. Clara is too young. We passed out candy instead. Stay tuned for 7 month pictures and cute Halloween pictures both with products from Baby Fables.

Baby Fables is a wonderful Etsy store by owner/designer Christine Smith-Miller. Her store has handmade children's items, plenty of onesie stickers to choose from for both little boys and little girls, the cutest clothing dividers, iron on's, waterproof labels and so much more! Christine sent me a personalized iron-on transfer for Clara's first Halloween and it was fantastic. Thanks so much, Christine! If you're real nice, and leave lots of comments, Christine just might let me do a giveaway! So give up the love, people! Tell me what you think. You should head on over and check out her Etsy shop, and see the wonderful items she has in stock!

And now for my favorite pins of the week!

I have to remind myself of this often. I'm trying not to
focus on what I don't have in my life, because I have been
so blessed. I have so much in my life. I'm
making an effort to be grateful for every moment.

I can't even tell you how many "art projects" I made with this.

MORE little things. More life.

Grammar. Get it.

Crocheting basics. If you want to learn, this site has some fantastic tips!

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Addie M. said...

FREAKING SPIROGRAPH! I haven't thought about those in years!

Addie M. said...

SPIROGRAPH! I haven't played with that in years!

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