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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'll be posting twice a month over at Holding on to the Little Things! Check out the first guest post here.

Give a mama some lovin'! If you liked this post, or have enjoyed reading my blog and seeing pictures of Clara, or just because it's Saturday, please click the yellow button below, or the blue one on your left to vote for me on Top Baby Blogs.com. As of now, I am #63, and I would like to stay there or climb even higher. The higher my ranking, the more people will visit my blog!

If you checked out my guest post over at Holding onto the Little Things, give Jordan a click, too! She's a couple of spots ahead of me, and would like to move up as well!

Happy Saturday! I'm off to my niece's soccer game, but stay tuned later for my week in cell phone pictures.

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