Friday: Things I've Found in Week 4!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

1.All Crafts: Over 400 FREE crochet patterns! You may not crochet, but I do! And I'm making a "slouchy" hat with a flower pattern currently. And I'm pretty excited about it. I've gotten sooo into crocheting, and someone even bought a hat from me! I'm thinking of setting up my own Etsy shop. What do you think?

2. Little Girls: No to Sexy, Yes to Fun: I agree completely with this post. I believe that little girls only have so much time to be little girls. To enjoy having fun before the pressures of peers and the media kicks in, and our children think they should look like barbie. It makes me want to home school Clara or raise her Amish or something. But I can't protect her from the world, no matter how much I want to. What I can do is support her, praise her, and tell her she's beautiful. I want to raise her to be a confident, happy little girl without worrying about make-up or being skinny, or having the nicest clothes. There's so so much more to life than that. I want her to appreciate it.

3. Mom's smile: I think I'll have to try this someday. I think with four daughters, my Mom could have benefited from it, too.

4. Note to Babysitter- the uncensored version: BAHAHAHAHAHA! I wish I would have known this before I started babysitting. It would have been helpful. But maybe I'll "discreetly" place it so Clara's future babysitters will benefit from it as well.

5. A noise at the Gate, my Gut, and 911: Why do I keep finding real-life stories that scare the crap out of me and make a paranoid mama assume the worst? (And even more than usual!) I had chills at the end of this Mom's story, and of course, I thought every little sound and creak in my house was a serial killer.

Did you find something you want to share this week? Leave a link in the comments!

And I definitely wouldn't mind if you voted... :) And I apologize that I'm asking so much. I'm just really excited to be averaging around #60, instead of somewhere in the 300s. And I wouldn't mind staying there. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And keep 'em coming! (If you don't mind.)

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