Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today is Tuesday. And it was a fantastic day because I GOT TO SLEEP IN!? Say whhhattt?

Yep. My Mom didn't work today. She came in and took Clara from me after I fed her a morning bottle. Then I slept! For another 4 hours! Which was fantastic, because I needed it dearly. THANKS MOM!

I went in and worked at my aunt's office for about an hour, and my Mom took Clara to my sister's house so she could see my niece and nephews. Which means that after I got home, I had TWO whole hours to myself. What did I do, you ask? I caught up on housework. Lame, I know. But I feel better.

Clara has been sleeping since she got back 2.5 hours ago, so I've been doing laundry, crocheting, and getting a dessert ready for small group tonight.

I was planning on taking pictures of her for her overdue 7th month milestone, but she's sleeping. And we have small group at 6:30. So I'll have to push it to tomorrow. Sorry. :(

Here's some adorable-ness to keep you happy. (And this is from 2 months ago, so don't get too excited.)

PLEASE VOTE!!! Pretty please!? With a cute baby on top!?

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