Things I've found in week 6!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sorry for the big delay in posts. Clara has been steadily doing better, but I've been doing worse. Another symptom is added every day, and the existing symptoms are worse. I feel like poo. :( Clara had a third chest x-ray Thursday, in addition to some more blood tests. Everything came back alright, but Clara has to get an ultrasound with a pediatric urologist tomorrow. Wish us luck.

1. Hyper-dad-dria: Exactly! Hypo-mom-dria is true as well.

2. How to start cloth diapering your baby: I've really been wanting to cloth diaper, but I'm broke. And yes, I realize that cloth diapers save you a ton of money. I would have bought them before she was born, but I don't have the start-up money. As soon as I do, I'm getting them.
Do you cloth diaper? What kind of diapers do you use? Have any tips for me?

3. What to teach our kids about credit cards: Good idea! STAY AWAY, that's what I say.

4. What to do with your child's artwork: Good ideas to keep your fridge from being cluttered with finger-painted masterpieces.

5. Products for traumatizing infants: BAHAHAHAHA!

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