Update on Clara.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The doctor looked at Clara's chest x-ray again. She isn't concerned about pneumonia or bronchitis anymore, and says it's just irritation from when she aspirated. However, she is dehydrated. She has a double ear infection, and a UTI.

She only had one wet diaper today, which is pretty serious. I've been trying to force water and formula on her (I really wish I were still breastfeeding), but unless she wakes up with a VERY wet diaper tomorrow, I have to take her in to administer IV fluids.

She has two antibiotics for her ear infection, and UTI. We go back on Thursday to check how those are helping. Because a UTI is rare in babies, her doctor may refer us to a pediatric urologist for further testing. She may have "bladder reflux" which I guess is where the urine backs up into her kidneys and cause lots of damage.

I would greatly appreciate if you kept Clara in your thoughts and prayers.

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