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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A quick update, Clara had a doctor's appointment yesterday. They did tried to do a urine test. How do you get urine from a baby? They did a blood test. I had to hold her arm while the nurse had the needle in her arm, moving in and out and side to side, for 5 minutes! She didn't get any blood. Poor baby. She screamed at the top of her lungs the whole time.

So next, they tried her heel. That worked, but it took another 5 minutes to get all of the blood she needed. As soon as that was done, Clara did some hiccup breathing (you know the kind when you've been crying hysterically, and you can't breathe properly after? yeah. that kind.) and passed out on my shoulder almost immediately. The nurse suggested I have a glass of wine at home.

Her test results came back that she had a HIGH elevated white blood cell count, so they sent us downstairs to radiology for another chest x-ray. They said it showed that she had "bronchial distress" whatever that means, and she may have bronchitis, or pneumonia. We're going back for more tests at 3:30 today. It must have been stressful for her, seeing as she's been sleeping for 13 hours now.

Anywho, time for my favorite pins of the week!

I believe it! Clara's Dad and I are talking about reconciliation.
Nothing is in the works yet, but we are discussing it.

Salt dough ornaments for hand or footprints. I MUST do this with Clara every year!

I've been wanting to do a rainbow blanket for Clara, and I think that this is PERFECT!

SO awesome. I'm gonna do this.

My current crocheting project!

Do you have some pins you'd like to share? Let me know!

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