7 months old today

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sigh. My child is 7 months old. Is it just me, or is time gaining momentum? It seemed like the first 3 months were so much slower, and now time is speeding by.

I was planning on taking some 7 month pictures of her, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow. Baby is still under the weather, and I woke up this morning with flu-like symptoms. So fun.

Sorry for no picture, and to make the scheduled "wordless wednesday" strictly words.

However, I would love a vote, if you could spare one for a sicky mama and baby. :)

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Sonya Marie said...

Oh girl!! I hope you start feelin better :[ Maia grew so fast...on her second birthday I FREAKED out...they grow WAY to fast!

Sonya Marie said...

PS - I voted for you

Carmela said...

new follower here! i hope you can follow me back too =)


Mauria Stivers said...

It does go by fast. Just keep taking lots of pictures and enjoying the little things, because before you know it your baby will be a toddler and then the real fun begins. :) Feel better. I hate being sick with the babies.

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