Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm feeling... eh. I've been getting sharp pains above my pelvis on the left side, as well as continued contractions (Which I'm guessing are braxton-hicks because they're irregular and they don't hurt. They're just very uncomfortable.) Plus some pack cramps. Oh, and she's decided to burrow her feet under my ribs on the left side. Enough complaining from me, it's just been a very uncomfortable day. The worst part is that it's only going to become more uncomfortable.
She does have the hiccups right now, which just continues to get more and more adorable. :)
I have also realized that I have 4-5 baby showers in the next month. Which is pretty awesome. I'm going to feel so much better after the baby showers... like it's finally okay for her to arrive because everything is taken care of. Lee and I will also hopefully have a BRAND-SPANKIN'-NEW apartment most likely the first week in February. YAY! Because I need to nest. Badly. I've been having quite the urge to do so.

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