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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I mentioned in a previous post that my mom and I found a travel system for really cheap one day at Meijer. It's a Graco travel system in the Broadstreet pattern. It's blue, green, and brown and SUPER cute! I also like that it's pretty gender neutral. There was some assembly required, but my sister's boyfriend and my Mom helped with it.

I've also been trying to find a pack n' play for a decent/cheap price. But they're so expensive. The Carter's one I was looking at in Babies R' Us was $149. I was hoping to find something a bit cheaper than that, but still with a changing table and a bassinet. And a cute pattern wouldn't hurt either. Well, last week I was killing time by walking around Meijer in Holland. I thought I would take a walk down the baby aisle and see if the travel system came down in price. Well, I didn't find the travel system, but I did find the matching Pack n' Play for.... 50% OFF!!!!!!
That's right! $75!!!!! I think that's just a bit better than $150. :)

This thing is like the luxury car of Play yards. It has a waterproof changing table, a little organizer thing that holds diapers and baby wipes, a "newborn napper"... which is kind of like a bouncy seat that doesn't bounce... but it has nature sounds, music, a light show, and vibration. My baby is going to be so comfy. :) It also has a bassinet that can be removed for the use of the whole inside of the play yard. Plus, it's super easy to fold up. Getting it back in the carrying case and setting it up is a bit more difficult, but I've set it up and tore it down twice, so it's starting to get a little easier.
I'm just very relieved and excited to get the bigger, more expensive items out of the way. Now we just need lots and lots of diapers. :)

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