DIY baby project.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I need to get going on my pre-baby resolution of making things for the little bean. After all, she could be here in 6 weeks! I've decided to make some sort of mobile, with curtain-things/mosquito netting around it. I don't want it directly over the crib, because that makes me too nervous. Plus, when she can stand up, she'll probably just pull it down anyway. I want to do it somewhat like this picture:

I'm planning on using fishing line (with weights attached at the bottom)... yay for using my tackle box for crafts! A sewing/quilting hoop, and cardstock for the butterflies. I want the butterflies to be green, brown, tan and white... with possibly a couple of little pink flowers thrown in. I want to add fabric draping down from the hoop... possibly white or tan tool. I'm unsure still. I may add a little night light to it somehow... I'll have to do some research. I'm excited to start. My next project will be learning how to crochet, and making a little hat. :)

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