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Friday, January 21, 2011

I would like more comments and advice (plus, it makes me feel like I have more friends) :-) so, I'm creating a new installment, curious Friday. I'm going to ask questions, but not just any questions, questions that I would like... no... NEED the answers to. So PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT! kthanks.

It's obvious that daddy Lee and I are having a very tough time choosing a baby name. I'm still sold on Rowan, but I don't think there's any way I'm going to convince Lee. So, I'm trying to be a good girlfriend and a non-stubborn mommy-to-be and like other names. So, I would like your stories. Tell me how you came to name your child. Was it a struggle or did you just know? Was it a name you had before you got pregnant? Was the name chosen early... like in the first trimester? or did you wait until after the baby was born?
And, do you know any bebe girls named Rowan? I at least need my ammo if I'm going to convince baby-daddy to go with the name.


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Addie M. said...

By the way, I enjoy how much you are blogging lately. I have completely neglected mine.

As for baby naming... Harley was difficult. Scott was adamant that he needed to be Scott Jr. Which I haaaated. I didn't want people calling him Scotty, or Junior like some greasy fat mechanic. So, I started coming up with names that I liked and thought he would also like. Harley, "because motorcycles are cool", and Hunter, because he likes hunting. Worked out well right? Haha. I can't remember the other names I came up with... Phoenix, River... I don't remember. He also liked it because his initials are HHH, like the wrestler, Triple H. I had no idea.

On to Carter. When I was pregnant with Carter, I hadn't really started thinking about baby names yet. One night, Scott starting thinking up names... Brendan, Matt, they were boring average names that you hear all the time. So I was like, how about Carter? And he said, oh, that's cool. (Carter was after Dr. Carter in ER, always my favorite character, I didn't tell him that until way later.) We were trying to figure out a middle name and he wanted Douglas, after his dad's middle name. I said, no, I want to name him after my grandpa, because everyone in his family is named after someone else, so we honored my grandpa with Lewis, his middle name.

I've had my girl name picked out since day 1, so I'm just waiting for the chance to use it. It'll hopefully be a few years.

I do like Rowan or maybe Rowyn, that's how I always picture it spelled. I like y's. Maybe he'll come around, Scott did on Harley.

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