Baby resolutions.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I've decided not to make resolutions for the year 2011. Mostly just because I'm being conscious about the fact that having a baby changes things; I may not want the same things for the remainder of the year after the baby comes, and my priorities may change. So I've decided to make before and after baby resolutions. The after-baby resolutions will come, obviously, after she's born. Sometime. Once I'm healed and happy and am not covered in a mixture of breast milk, poop, and baby vomit. Gross.

Pre-baby resolutions:

1. Make at least 5 things for the baby.
These may include, but are not limited to, a cute hat, a sweater, a blanket (even though I already have 3 and I'm sure to get a few more at the baby showers), photos/paintings/prints of some kind for the nursery, and stuffed/wood baby toys. These things MUST NOT BE PINK. I'm so sick of pink and other gender-related colors. My child is biologically a female, but that does not mean that she will like or has to like pink. She can like whatever color she wants.

2. Blog more.
I barely have any pictures of myself... none I think... actually. Most of my posts consist of weekly updates created by another website, and that is just unacceptable. I would like to create a blogging schedule... for instance that I have to make at least one post a day... but we'll see. Post-baby = no promises.

3. Decorate a nursery.
Mentally, I am going through a nesting phase. Unfortunately, I have no such place to do so. I think literally the second Lee and I get a place is when the nesting will take place. I'm already going through things mentally... the colors, patterns, and theme I want to use... but I haven't committed to anything. yet.

4. Get my baby shower Thank yous out in a reasonable time.
I have a horrible time with deadlines. For my high school open house, I literally did only half of my thank yous. I'm very thankful! Just not very organized. My goal is to get all thank yous out no later than a week after each shower. It's apart of my "Being a responsible mommy" campaign.

That's all for now. Hopefully more to come.

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