Pregnancy Comebacks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"You should NOT be drinking caffeine." (or doing, eating, touching, etc. something else that's none of their damn business).

* Oh my gosh, Th...ank YOU! Are you SURE? I had NO idea. My doctor said it was fine, thank god you are here to save me from-what is it exactly the caffeine will do?
* The Voices say I can have caffeine. I don't fuck with the Voices.
* Decaf make PREGNANT HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!
* You shouldn't be wearing those jeans (etc.) but I didn't bring that to your attention.
* This is the best I can do since kicking the methamphetamine habit.
* It's not caffeine. It's doctor prescribed laxative tea because this pregnancy is making me so constipated I have hemorrhoids. Oh, sorry, was that too much information?
* You're right, tequila is better.
* Fuck off.

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