Weekend in iPhone Pics!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey! I just got an iPhone this weekend. And I'm really frickin excited. Be prepared for lots and lots of pictures. Wanna see the pics that don't make it into the post? Follow me on Twitter.

1. Cuddles with Dad. 2. Relaxation. 3. First taste of a sucker.
4. Spicy black bean burger and organic potatoes. 5. Loving the sweetness. 6. SUSHI!
7. Lemonjellos. 8. Visiting with auntie Anna. 9. Bdubs on a date night with myself.
10. Lee. On the phone at lunch. 11.Sharing a burger with Daddy. 12. Dimply baby butt.
13. LOTS of sleeping in the car seat. 

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Devon Riesenberg said...

you are going to LOVE the iphone :)
As a mom, there are so many amazing apps!
gotta get instagram :)

Laura Lee said...

Heck yes! I love instagram!

Rina said...

Aaaw these pics are awesome!! Congrats with your iPhone. I just got my iPad, not yet get to iPhone :)

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