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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I am seriously loving the Viggle app!

Viggle is a free app that pays you, that's right PAYS YOU, for WATCHING TV! What?! How can that be? How can my couch potato status make me money, you say?

When you're watching TV, click "check in" on the app home screen. Your iPhone LISTENS to the TV show, and tells you what show you're watching. You don't need to check in again until a new show comes on, and when your show finishes, you get points added to your account!

They have "featured shows" that usually have more points than just any TV show. For instance, American Idol is on tonight from 8-9 and it's worth 400 points. Now, I hate American Idol, so I'll probably check in on my iPhone, and then change the channel because I don't have to check in for the rest of the show. At our house, the TV is almost always on in the background. So I can find a show and check in, then turn the volume down or turn the TV off all together. 

I was busy playing with Clara last night, so the TV wasn't on. The app has a feature so that you can set reminders when your show comes it. My phone would beep at me, I'd turn the TV on, check in, and turn it off again. 

Just to give you an idea of how easy this is, I checked in for the first time last night at 7 p.m. and I already have 5,246 points! There are also commercials and movie trailers worth 15-50 points that you can watch over and over and get points. I turn the volume off on my iPhone, and let the clip play and get points! It's super easy.  (I have unlimited data, but all these clips may put you over your monthly allowance, and I would feel terrible if you had no more data access for the month. I'm not sure how it works, so check on your plan and service provider.)

The rewards are pretty awesome, not some crap from an obscure website. I'm going for the ultimate awesome reward worth 175,000 points, the amazon kindle. If I can get the same 5,000 points each day, it will only take me 35 days to earn the kindle! That's pretty good for just watching TV, if you ask me.

(Just received 58 points because Clara watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Thanks, Clara!)

What's your favorite iPhone app? 

Please help us out and vote. :) Thanks!

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