11 months.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can you believe that Clara is almost a year old? Cuz I can't.

-Pushes up on hands and knees and rocks
-Can do downward dog before falling over
-Can walk with help
-Knows words such as "no, grandma, mama, dada, come here, get it!, etc"
-Signs- eat, more, please, all done, thirsty.
-Initiates peek-a-boo
-Waves "bye-bye" (when she feels like it)
-Started to use cutlery
-Gives kisses
-Holds hands up and grunts to be picked up
-Listens (80% of the time) when told "no"
-Less dependent on pacifier, more dependent on blanket
-Says "mama" and "dada"

-Getting teeth brushed
-Favorite book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See?
-Favorite food: yogurt and eggs
-Favorite show: (horrible, I know) Little Einsteins
-Favorite game: Pony Girl
-Favorite toy: Vtech Move & Crawl Ball (Thanks, Kris!)

Other Such Things:
-Only army crawls using one leg
-Throws food on the floor when done eating
-Holds 1 or 2 arms in front of forehead when shy or wants to look cute
-Pushes herself backward on a wood floor
-Screams super loud as soon as a room quiets
-Has started to imitate animal sounds, in her own way
-Just about ready for the convertible car seat, even through she's only 18 lbs.

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