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Monday, February 27, 2012

1. Vegan yummy-ness 2. Sick, tired-out bebe 3. Cheesin'
4. Last disposables! 5. Tub time 6. Early b-day present
7. Cartoons with mom
8. Unique style 9. Snow 10. Trouble maker
11. Cloth diapers arrived from China! 12. Zipper fun 13. Sick baby
14. A book good enough to eat 15. Sick baby 16. Contained
17. New lady bug 18. Freckles 19. Hospital visit
20. Sick baby 21. Wood-working

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Devon Riesenberg said...

Love, love, love iphone pics. I'm addicted to that device. Hope your sick babe is on the mend now! My little guy also recently took a bite out of that same book :)

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