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Monday, February 20, 2012

1. Cousins at breakfast. 2. Party outfit. 3. Bffs.
4. Cartoons.
5. Hungry baby. 6. Sleepy baby. 7. Happy baby.
8. Chewing. 9. Wrapped iPhone cable. 10. Mama/baby cheesin.
11. Beautiful morning. 12. Cousins. 13. Giggles.
14. Levi. 15. Landon. 16. Lilly.
17. Small group. 18. Thirsty baby. 19. Thirsty mama. 
(excuse the lack of make-up)
20. Getting into trouble. 21. Dressed up and NOT getting into trouble. 22. Baby V-day breakfast.
23. I get to wake up to this EVERY DAY.
24. Totally woke her up with the flash. 25. Tired of partying. 26. Clara's dad rocking the princess look.

I hope you enjoyed our week/weekend in iPhone pics! (Linking back to agoodlifeblog)

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