Things I love about my Mom.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I seem to be all about the lists recently. Anywho, it sucks living with your mom when you're almost 24 and have a kid. But I'm also very grateful. There are tons of single moms that don't have the awesome support system that I do. Some people can't move back in with their parents when they're broke, and I bet a lot of them wish they could. I'm so grateful to my mama. We get on each others nerves, but she always has my and Clara's best interests at heart. Here are some things I love about her.

1.The only reason that I'm such a good mother to Clara, is because she was and is an awesome mama to me.

2. Her heart belongs to Lake Michigan. You've never seen my mom more beautiful then when she's sitting on a beach, staring at the waves in silence.

3. Sometimes, she actually knows everything. When something goes wrong or right, when I have to make a big decision, or I just need to vent, my mama is usually the first person I go to for advice.

4. She spoils Clara (and me too, a little bit). She's always doing something nice for us.

5. Even if I get mad, she pushes me to be the best person and mother that I can be.

6. She knows how to get a stain out of anything.

7. She appreciates everything I do. She says thank you. She lets me know that I made her feel special, even if it's just that I cleaned the toilet.

8. She has an incredible work ethic. She works 5 days a week at both her night job and her day job. When she has a day off, she refuses to sit still. She's doing things for other people, working outside in her garden (spring, summer, and fall), cooking, cleaning, playing with Clara. Something. all. the. time.

9. She would do anything for me. She had breast cancer this time last year. On the day of her second chemo treatment, I went into labor. She's the only reason I made it through 18 hours of labor with no drugs. She's my biggest advocate.

10. Her heart is always in the right place. Even if she messes up, it was done with good intentions.

That doesn't even touch the tip of the iceberg. If I can be half the mom to Clara that she was to me, I'll be the second best mommy in the world.

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Rachel Gabrielle said...

<3 this just made me so happy

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