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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I stared at my laptop screen for about 45 minutes during Clara's precious and valued nap time today, and I could not come up with a single thing to write. I've had tons of emails from readers asking me some pretty general (and some weird) questions so, you're going to get to know me. The ins and outs. Hope you enjoy!

1. How did you and Clara's Dad meet?
At a bar! HA! I was in college and we met through mutual friends at Team Trivia.
2. What was your greatest fear as a child?
Do you remember the show 'Are you afraid of the Dark'? That.

3. What was a dream of yours? Did you accomplish it?
To become a doctor. And sadly, no. not yet.
4. Do you have dreams for Clara?
Of course, I have all sorts of dreams for her. I'm not the type to push my own dreams on her. But I know that she will be the best her that she can be. :)

5. What is the hardest thing about raising Clara so far?
Doing everything. Being a single parent is tough. I still talk to her Dad almost everyday. We make big decisions together. When she was sick a week or so ago, we talked several times a day about how she was doing, and what kind of care she should receive, etc. But on a day-to-day basis, it's just Clara and I. It gets tough when the only person you have to talk to can't talk back or give you advice. She gives pretty awesome hugs, though!

6. Where do you live?

7. When did you realize your childhood days were gone?
When the same presents that were in the back of my Mom's car were our presents from Santa two weeks later. 
8. How tall are you?
I've been asked this several times and people who've never met me are surprised to hear that I'm only 5'3".

9. What do you do for work?
I'm a substitute teacher.

10. Are you a feminist?
Yes! Email me if you want to know more about my views and connect.

11. Were you close to your mom and dad?
Yes! I was a complete Daddy's girl growing up and I still talk to my Dad several times a week. I'm currently living with my mom (super cool, I know). 

12. What kind of music do you like?
What kind of music don't I like? I love lots of different stuff, but currently, I'm rocking country, Michael Buble, Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, Joni Mitchell, Adele, and Cat Power. Top 40s are a guilty pleasure of mine.

13. Who was your favorite band or singer when you were in high school?
Michael Buble
14. Do you think you and Clara's dad will get back together?
Honestly? I don't know. If you'd like to know more, email me.

15. What's your life philosophy?
Treat other people how you want to be treated.
16. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Drew Barrymore/Kate Winslet?
Yes. I don't see it. And I'm a little insulted.

17. How many siblings do you have?
I'm adopted, so, a TON. Three sisters that I grew up with, a half brother and half sister on my birth mom's side, and two half brothers and a half sister on my birth dad's side.

18. Is there something you wish you were better at doing?
Most things. Mainly, time management and working out.
19. Do you wear makeup?
Not at home, and when I do, I don't wear much.

20. Why don't you use instagram?
Because I don't have an iphone.

21. Why doesn't Clara wear a lot of pink?
I don't believe in categorizing a child by their gender with the use of either pink or blue clothing. Also? It's not cost effective in case I have a boy next.

22. Are you going to have more kids?
HHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Actually, yes. But not anytime soon. Clara was not planned, and although I wouldn't take her back for the world, I would like my next child to be planned.

23. What's your least favorite household chore?
Laundry! Ugh! It takes me like three days to go from starting a load to putting all the clothes away.
24. Why is it important to you to switch to cloth diapers?
I always planned on using cloth diapers, but I was broke and couldn't buy them. I know, cloth diapers save you a ton of money, but they're initially expensive. I'm so looking forward to never buying diapers again. (Cost, better for the environment)

25. Who are you dating?
No one.

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Great idea for a Q & A for your readers...Clara is a doll :)

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