Friday: Things I've Found in Week 2!

Friday, September 30, 2011

The 0-10 scale: So true! I always thought I was doing something wrong with Clara when she cried. Great advice for first time Moms!

Work from home!: Have you been wanting to work from home? Me too! I'm not looking forward to paying daycare costs. This Chica gives you (pretty) legit jobs. On her page she states that you should do your own research. But I know from experience that it's nice to have a jumping-off point.

Finland gives moms presents!
: This is just ridiculous! That's it! I'm moving to Finland. All I got when Clara was born was a flimsy little tote from Enfamil with a sample of formula. And Finland keeps on giving every year!

What I'll do differently for my second pregnancy: I agree with most of this. I was so nervous something was going to go wrong. I swear I was getting a non-stress test every 3 weeks. I know the second time around (whenever that may be) I'll be much more prepared.

TSA agents took my Son: At first, while reading this story, I thought this lady was WAY over-reacting. Then I got to her description of her son being taken away. And two things happened- I put Clara in her son's place, and I remembered how stressed and frantic I am when I'm at the airport. I would have freaked out just like she did.

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