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Monday, September 26, 2011

My baby girl is 6 months old today! My, how the time flies! 6 month pictures to come. Stay tuned!
This past weekend, Clara started standing! That's right! My kid can't roll over, or sit, or crawl, but she can stand almost all by herself! These are some pictures taken the morning she started standing.
On Saturday, Clara's Dad came to visit. We took Clara to the Kalamazoo Irish Fest! It was super fun. Some of my family was there, and my uncle Bill (Liam the xtra-large Leprechaun) was the MC for the event.

Hey Mom! Look what I can do!

Kalamazoo Irish Fest!

I wish he would smile for these!


Happy, but creepy looking baby.

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Kelly-Marie said...

She is sooo cute! and adore her pink hat, I so want one for my self ooo and a blue one for Josh lol .... My little boy just turned 5 months it's amazing how time flies.

Cute blog btw found you when I was on holding on to the little things
x x x

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