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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sorry for my lack of attention to my blog readers, if you're out there. Clara and I have been all over the place. Last Thursday, we had small group. My cousin Kristin, and her husband, Leon played with Clara along with friend, Swifty. They love her.

Before small group, Clara fell asleep in her johnny jumper. She plays hard.

Later, she ate sweet potatoes for the first time. I'm unsure of her reaction.

Over labor day weekend, we went to visit my birth mom, Sue, and her husband, Rick. We had a blast! Clara was spoiled, as was I, and she got to meet her uncle Steve for the first time! Here's Clara with uncle Steve, and Grandpa Rick. Hang in there, Sue. I'm still trying to find the pics of you guys.

Sorry for not posting for so long. We got home on Tuesday, and took off for Holland on Wednesday to see Clara's dad and friends. I brought the camera, but I was having too much fun. I didn't even think to pull it out. Which is too bad, there were many a Kodak moment.

Be sure to stop by From Bean 2 Baby tomorrow, as Sonya from {Shutter}Mama will be guest posting about her life as 2-year-old Maia's Mama.

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