Registy Essentials, the Complete List

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I know a few people who recently found out that they were pregnant, and they asked me what to put on their registry. So, I thought I'd do a post about it.

You don't need frivolous products to have a baby, I promise. Baby products are among some of the most overpriced items in today's market. Get the essentials, and get them as cheap as you can! Otherwise, you'll be where I am, 10 months down the road, and wonder how you only got a year (or less) out of most of your products.

-Remember that everything white can be bleached.
- Don't get all caught up in your baby's gender. If you buy things gender neutral, or even a little on the "boy" side of the color scheme, it will last you through all of your kids. Think, you would use blue stuff with a little girl, but you probably wouldn't use pink with a boy... I would... but that's just because its me.
- Buy second hand, or get hand-me-downs when you can. I borrowed a lot from my sister, and it's so nice to give things back to her when Clara is done with them without having to store unused items in my house or spend money on them.

1. High chair: Hook-on High Chair. You can use it at home and when you travel.

2. Breast pump: I had this one and hated it. Go with this one, or get one from WIC or rent one from the hospital or birthing center. I don't have to tell you the benefits of breastfeeding, but just fyi, breast pumps are now tax deductible.

3. Bottles: I loved these, as mentioned in this post.

Safety: many companies prey on the fear of parents with a newborn. Don't be sucked in. Just get what you need.

1. Outlet covers

2. Gate. You can almost always find these at Goodwill.

3. Carbon monoxide detector

1. Exersaucer: This one is cool because you can use it at home and when you travel. It's VERY NICE to have one that doesn't take up a lot of space. Mine was hand-me-down. Check Goodwill!

2. Travel system: I had a Graco travel system, because I got it on sale for $90, but if you're going to get a jogging stroller I would recommend this one because the wheel can be locked in place or swivel. VERY IMPORTANT when buying a jogging stroller. Plus, jogging strollers are way easier to shop with than 4-wheeled strollers.

3. Playard: I had one with all the fixins' when Clara was born, but only because it was on sale for $70. I admit, it was nice to have the bassinet feature, especially when she was very little. But you just need a basic playpen. Simple, yet awesome. 

4. Swing/bouncer: I mentioned in a previous post how much I love this product. It's so nice to have 2 products in one. It saves you storage space, and money.

5. Carrier: I had a sling carrier at first, but I've found that we didn't use it past 6 months. I'm looking at buying this carrier now. 

1. Cloth diapers: Go with cloth if you can! You save sooo much money, especially with these. I mentioned them in this post. Plus, they're so much better for the environment.

2. Diaper pail: I wouldn't recommend a diaper pail. I think they're unnecessary. But if you're going to get one, get the Diaper Champ. You can use regular trash bags, instead of buying the super expensive brand name products, and you can use it with disposable diapers or cloth diapers.

3. Wipes: I only use baby wipes when I'm out of the house. If you buy them in bulk, and use a plastic wipe case instead of buying diaper bag packs, you'll save lots of money. At home, I use baby washcloths and keep a squeeze water bottle with them. Since I've started using washcloths, Clara hasn't had a diaper rash.

1. Crib: I love Ikea's cribs. I bought the Carter's Just One You crib from Target because it was on clearance for $130, and it transforms into a toddler bed, day bed, and full size bed.

2. Rocking chair: Mine is a family pass-down, but I really like this glider.

Other stuff I loved:
1. Boppy. Obviously. Get an extra cover, too.

2. Bumbo: I used it as Clara's first high chair as I mentioned in this post. Get the play tray, too.

3. Blankets: Get a heavy/soft blanket that's durable, because it will probably go everywhere with your baby. (You might want to get a couple. It's worth it if one gets lost or worn and your baby is attached to it.) Also, get a few receiving blankets for swaddling.

Nice to have:
1. Humidifier-  They're nice, but I just have a bucket of water in Clara's room (on her dresser) that I change every other day, and it does the trick.

2. Johnny jumper

3. Baby Einstein. I call it baby crack.

4. Journal. Instead of a baby book. I cannot recommend this one enough! I'm still writing in it every week.

5. Car seat cover: JJ Cole car seat cover

Things I find unnecessary:
1. Pacifier wipes
2. Video baby monitor
3. Baby bath- use the sink, or give a sponge-type bath.
4. Changing table- use a low dresser with a changing pad. Don't forget a cover.
5. Bedding sets- Too expensive. You need a mattress pad, sheets, and some sleep sacks. (I layer mattress pad (waterproof, of course) sheet, mattress pad, sheet. That way, if baby gets sick or has a blowout, you can just strip off a layer.)
6. Special expensive laundry detergent- Use any free & clear detergent. As long as it has no dyes or perfumes, it's fine.
7. Buying expensive, run-of-the-mill nursery decorations- check Pinterest for ideas of DIY projects or Etsy for handmade items. You can always email me for pictures of what I did for Clara's room that are for sale. (I just had to slip in some product placement...)
8. Formula mixer- Really? You can't just shake the bottle? This is what I'm talking about with ridiculous baby products.
9. Diaper rash cream- If you use cloth diapers, your baby won't get rashes.

I left out the obvious things like nail clippers, pacifiers, clothes, mattress, breast pads, bibs, etc. I hope you don't mind.

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