Monday, January 16, 2012

This may possibly be a weekly post, borrowed from Shutter{Mama}, one of my favorite blogs. Let me know what you think of the idea.

1. I'm not going to work tomorrow. Instead, I'm going to MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) and having a play date. Why? Because MOPS and play dates are awesome. Sometimes, I just need to spend some time with other moms. The friends I do play dates with are great. We vent about the hard stuff in life, eat comfort food, trade stories and tips, and most importantly, we relax.

2. I eat ketchup on everything potato-based. Not usually in front of people, though.

3. I'm really ambitious about DIY things, and crafts. But sometimes, I get a little ahead of myself. I think I can do things, but I can't. And I know better. But, I would like to THINK I will do them. It's entertaining.

4. I haven't brushed my teeth since Saturday. Gross.

5. Sometimes, I think I'm a lot skinnier than I am. I think I look really awesome in what I'm wearing. Then I see myself in a mirror. Dream? Crushed.

6. I literally drink at least two cans of diet coke a day. Do you know what that does to your teeth? Maybe I should brush them more.

7. I'm pretty sure Clara thinks I'm the meanest mom. Her Dad lets her pull out all the dvds from the bottom shelf, and play with the (unplugged) nintendo controllers. The only thing she can get her hands on in my living room are the phone line, the cable cord, and newspapers. I don't let her play with the cords because, well, they're electrical cables. And newspapers she tears and eats. Gosh. I'm so mean.

8. I'm obsessed with shows that aren't on tv anymore. I find them online, and I watch them until the show is concluded, then I get mad that the show concluded... 3 years ago...

9. I tell myself the thinspiration saying that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. But goat cheese tastes pretty f'ing delicious.

10. Things that are very difficult for me to do: water ski, ski (on snow), fold a fitted sheet, talk on the phone (I get super awkward and don't know what to say), not belch in an inappropriate situation.

Let me know what you think of this as a possible weekly post. Do you have any confessions you'd like to share?


Rachel Gabrielle said...

didn't you eat a whole thing of ketchup like a shot at Froggy's once? Or was that Baby Daddy? I can't quite remember the specicifics of this situation, except that Steph, me, you, and i think Baby Daddy were there and someone on your side of the table did a "shot" of ketchup. and i was apalled.

but and also -- i miss you. lots.

oh. and i miss the old banner at the top. this one is cute, but i think i liked the other better. i like seeing clara's face up there. it was her face, right?

<3 LOOOOOVE you.

i read this blog more than you think. and i'm glad that it exists to keep me updated on LB.

Laura Lee said...

Oh yeah, that was totally me with the ketchup. The banner with Clara's face was a few months back, but I'm working on a banner at the moment. It should be up soon. I miss you. Will you promise that you'll let me know the next time you're in town? I miss you dearly.

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