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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When I was pregnant, I had no idea what to get to prepare. They have the lists at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R' Us and such, but I think most of the items are unnecessary. I will soon do a post about what I find to be frivolous, as far as baby needs go. In this post, I thought I'd let you know what I found was the best use of money for my journey into parenting.

1. Tommee Tippee Bottles

I LOVE these bottles. When I was pregnant, my cousin was using them for her little boy, and she talked about how they were a great transition from breast to bottle. 
I bought 3-5oz. bottles, and 6-9oz. bottles, and that's all I've ever needed. Clara
had no problem using them from the start, even though we had to start bottle feeding when she was
only two weeks old! They're super light, so when Clara wanted to start holding her own bottle, she could do it with ease. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. 

2. Earth's Best Products

This brand is so wonderful. When Clara eats at home, she eats baby food that I make (with a normal food processor... don't buy the baby brezza or other similar products, they cost three times as much) but when we're away, she eats earth's best organic baby food. She likes every single 
kind she's tried so far. We also use the organic brown rice/oatmeal cereal and mix
it in with pretty much every kind of baby food she eats to thicken it up, and add iron. 

3. Bumbo seat and play tray

Clara lived in this thing from months 3-9. Mostly, we used it as a high chair. Luckily, I have such
a skinny, tiny baby and she fit in it for much longer than most babies can. It was so convenient
 to have her sit on top of the table so I could feed her. 
I've also heard of some people using this in the bath. I've heard mixed reviews about doing so, that 
they actually aren't waterproof, or that they're fantastic in the bath. We never used it that way,
but I'm sure you could. 
The only negative thing I have to say is that it worked so well to support Clara while she was sitting, that it took her a bit longer than most babies to be able to sit up on her own without support.

4. Graco Duo 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer

I don't know how I had the brilliance to register for such a wonderful machine. Not only is this a swing, but the seat detaches and it's just a bouncer! Fabulous! I've also been hearing from my sister 
that she's going through a ton of batteries with her swing, and I'm so thankful
that my swing can run off of batteries or plugged in. 
Clara would only sleep in this swing or on me until she was a month and a half, so let's just say that I thank this product for any and all sleep I got while Clara was an infant. 
Plus, it plays classical music, and I like that. :)

5. SunBaby Cloth Diapers

I haven't received these yet. They're in the mail from China. But I'm super excited to get them and start putting them to use. I'm so sick of wasting money on disposable diapers. 
I received a diaper in the mail to review (stay tuned for pictures and a post about that coming soon) and I think they're fabulous. They're comparable to BumGenius or FuzziBunz, but my personal opinion is that they're different... in a better way. 
Twenty-four diapers with forty-eight inserts is only $144!!! Isn't that crazy!?
They have the cutest prints and come out with new ones often.
All the diapers are One Size, but come in two different sizes... kinda.
Size 1 is better for skinny babies like Clara, and size 2 is better for chunkier babies. I think it's great that they grow with the baby, though. Very cost-effective. I like it.

What are your favorite baby products? What worked for your family?


Caitlin said...

Great list! we bought the tommee tippee bottles too! We haven't used them yet though. I love love sun baby diapers! Also I can't wait till my little one is a little bit bigger to use our bumbo.

Kelly-Marie said...

We love the bumbo :D and it's great up until they are about 8 months.We are also fans of Tommee Tippee aswel x

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