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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The CUTEST envelopes for wedding invites. :)
I've got wedding on the mind. 

Such a wonderful idea! Take the top from a salt container
and add it to a jar for an easy pour! Love it!

A girl's emergency clutch! Such a great idea.
Cute tutorial and super easy. I need one in my bag.

Love the idea of mason jars as lighting 
for an outdoor wedding. 

Detailed step-by-step tutorial for re-covering a car seat.
I just finished this tutorial for Clara's new convertible
car seat.  It's super cute now! Look for a post about that next week!

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Shelomita@CuteCoconut said...

number 2, love it! I have it right now in my kitchen it's with my salt jar. But the jar itself is not reusable so this is good idea. Once finished I will put that top for one of my herb powder jars :)

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