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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's face it. It's time for me to lose the rest of this baby weight. I used to run. I was very slow, but I loved it. It felt nice to be in good shape and workout all of the time. I have now become a bump on a log. I look in the mirror and don't even recognize myself. I want to look like I did before I was preggers. False. I want to look better than before I was preggers. I've been doing a lot of ab work and yoga, but I need to do some serious cardio if I want anything close to resembling a bikini-ready body by next summer. I have some major work ahead of me.
To achieve this goal, I need a running stroller. I registered for one at first, but then I found the travel system I currently have for super cheap at Meijer, so I gave up on the jogging stroller. I've never used a jogging stroller, so I'm not sure how it compares to mine. The one I have currently is very smooth, and is easy to fold up and store. However, the handling is really crappy. Whenever I go into ANY store, Clara is always being jolted because I'm running into stuff. And forget trying to steer with one hand while holding a fussy baby. It's not happening.
I thought that I would be able to "run" (as I call it... but it's more like jogging in place...) with my current stroller, and that I would just have to pay attention to the terrain, and make sure that Clara was snug as a bug. False. I can't use it. Even if I found the flattest terrain, the stroller would apparently jolt her spine too much, which is harmful to her development. Then I read that she shouldn't be in a jogging stroller at all until 6 months! Preferably a year!
Clara is still too little to be in just the stroller part, so she's still in her car seat on the stroller. So question for everyone, do you think it would be okay if I jogged with Clara in the stroller since she's in her car seat? I'm really curious, and I don't want to have to wait until my Mom or sister are home in order to run. Thanks!

I definitely wouldn't mind this one, which goes for $150 at Babies R' Us... but I can't justify spending that much on a stroller...


Healthy Branscoms said...

Do it! I LOVE my jogging stroller! Worth every penny! I think I paid $100 for mine on walmart.com and I have almost worn the tires bare. I use it everywhere, even in stores!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) You are too sweet!

Laura Lee said...

No problem! Your blog is fantastic! And thank you for the vote of confidence! I'm hoping to find a used stroller at a garage sale. Thanks for the comment, it makes me happy. :)

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