Making Baby food

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This would be my first time making baby food. I randomly decided to start today, and used the food I had in the fridge, but it is NOT organic. I'm planning on everything I make from now on to be organic.

I started with carrots. Here is my set-up. A steamer in a sauce pan, and a peeler and cutting board. Oohh, fancy.

I peeled seven carrots under hot water, then cut them into small discs.

These are my best friends: A baby food processor (although you could use any processor) and baby food freezer trays with lids. I have two of them. I suppose you could use ice cube trays, but I don't like the idea of stuff getting into my baby's food.

I added about half of the chopped carrots to the steamer, added the lid, and let it go about 15-20 min. Then I checked a slice with a fork and it was done!

I blended the carrots in the processor, then added breast milk to thin it out.

I spooned out the carrots into the freezer tray to freeze. When it's frozen, I'll dump the 'cubes' into a freezer bag and reuse the trays for more baby food. It saves on storage space.

I then repeated the process with the remainder of the carrots, spinach, and bananas. I steamed the spinach and added breast milk. I obviously didn't need to steam the bananas. I didn't add breast milk to the bananas because they were already thinned out. I will freeze the spinach and bananas into the trays as well, once the carrots are done, but for now, I just put them in storage containers, and stored them in the fridge.

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