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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Now that I have internet access, I'm going to update my blog much more often. (yay!) In recent news, Clara started cereal about a week ago. It didn't go very well at first, and more was on her than in her. We took a couple of days off and tried again yesterday. I made the cereal much thinner this time, and added a bit of baby food for flavor. Oh. My. Goodness. She loves it! She even opened her mouth when the spoon was coming her direction. AND she ate most of the cereal! She was smiling and giggling throughout the experience.

Not liking the cereal so much...


I'm sure most people reading this right now are like, 'what a crazy lady! being excited about her kid eating cereal...'. Well, deal with it. I'm sure I'll speak often of her poop, sleeping experiences, and sickness. Stop reading now if you want... except I know that you're addicted to my adorable bebe. :)

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