What's in my diaper bag?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

1. Pampers Dry Max diapers, size 2

2. Palmer's Cocoa butter butt cream. That's what I call it. It doesn't leave a sticky white residue like the Desitin does.

3. Pampers sensitive wipes. I've mad home made baby wipes that I use at home, (message me if you want to know how I do it) or we use a baby washcloth and baby soap, but on the go, these wipes are great because they have no alcohol. Yay!

4. Johnson's Baby Lotion. At home, we use the 'natural' lotion because it has no perfumes or dyes. But this is okay for on the go. We've used it maybe 10 times.

5. Johnson's head-to-toe Baby Wash. No tears formula. Great for when we're gone all day and Clara in slobbery. Once again, at home, we use the 'natural' kind. Or the bedtime kind... it seems to calm her.

6. Gas relief drops. Great for upset tummies. Baby tummies, of course.

7. Johnson's baby powder. We never use it. I'm not sure why it's still in there.

8. The nose-sucker. The dreaded nose-sucker. She hates it.

9. Nail clippers. Her nails grow at an alarming rate.

10. Arm & Hammer Diaper Bags. AWESOME. You CAN NOT smell even the worst diaper when they're in these bags. I use them whenever we go to a friend's house, and I want to be polite and not dump a smelly diaper in their trash. I have thought about using them for dog poop... but I think they're too expensive for that. It's nice because they clip right on to the ring on my diaper bag.

11. Mr. Brown Cow Can MOO! Can You? Well... can you? This is one of Clara's favorites. Mostly for the chewing and throwing aspects.

12. St. Ives hand lotion. I wash my hands extremely often, due to being a germaphobe and OCD. I HATE HATE HATE when my skin is dry.

13. Dove body spray. When I forget to put on deodorant.

14. Palmer's Cocoa Butter swivel stick. I use it as chapstick. BEST CHAPSTICK EVER.

15. Tide-to-Go pen. BEST for getting stains taken care of before they set.

16. Tommee Tipee 9 oz. bottle. AWESOME. I will never use another bottle with my kids. It transitions so well from breast to bottle.

17. Formula Thing-y. Holds 4 servings up to 8 oz. I HATE that I have to have this. :(

18. Plum Organics baby food. Perfect for when you're on the go. They even have a spoon that screws onto the top, so you can squeeze baby food directly onto it. No need for a bowl.

19. Bib. For eating and lots of 'chewing fits', as I call them. My child is rather drooly.

20. Camera. So I can capture many precious moments. (Insert 'aww' here.)

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