Friday: Things I've found in week 10! Celebrated with 10 links!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I know. Today is Saturday. Yesterday, I kept thinking it was Thursday. Messed up my whole schedule. Anyway. Clara is 8 months old today. How did that happen? It's like the 7th month didn't even exist. I feel like I should start thinking about her first birthday party. Probably need to focus on Christmas first.
I did ten links this time! Partially because this is the 10th week of Things I've Found on the interwebs, but also because I had so many great links to share. 

1. Mother Glow: Videos of couples telling their families that they're preggers. It's apart of FeelGoodBlogs. Look at it. You won't regret it, I promise.

2. Ring on the Finger: From the same FeelGoodBlogs site. Videos of couples getting engaged. More tears shed here. Mostly because I'm super jealous. I want something special. :( #PityParty

3. 1000 Awesome Things: Fantastic! You'll love it!

4. We make it Safer: Product recall site! Keeping your baby safer when it comes to toys and gear. You can search for whichever products you own, and it will tell you if they're recalled or not.

5. So They don't Like the Name You Chose: Lines to reply with when family, friends, and strangers aren't fond of your kid's name. I mean, some criticism is legit. Don't name your kid Harry James Potter, because those are big shoes to fill.

6. The Tucker Diaries: I gave you a link to the first post. This girl is FUNNY! She should have her own column. The blog is specifically for this girl's crazy online dating story with this guy named Tucker. I was so into the story, which is both funny and suspenseful, I sat and read through the whole blog in one go. I promise you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next post. Turns out she's my sister's boyfriend's cousin. ANNND she might be featured on Ellen.

7. Bundle Bee: Such a great idea for Christmas gifts and something for the new parent(s). Feel free to send me a bundle if you so desire. :)

8. Post Preggo Exercises: I know, you've probably read tons of articles about how to tighten your bum and such post pregnancy, but this site helps you tighten SKIN as well! Crazy! Take it from someone who does P90X, these are a piece of cake!

9. 15 Stress-Less Ways to Shop with your Kids!: Just in time to do all of that Christmas shopping!

10. Top 4 Foods to Avoid for Toddlers: Wonderful advice!

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kayleigh said...

This post makes me so happy :) Tucker Diaries loves you!

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