Blog Challenge: 30 days of Good

Friday, November 25, 2011

I've decided to do the 30 Days of Good challenge. They won't be consecutive days, since we all know that didn't work out the last time I tried. Link up! Do the challenge with me! It's supposed to be for the month of November... but I just found it soo... yeah.

Day 1: Document Street Style
Day 2: Document a Pet
Day 3: Document Happiness
Day 4: Document something old
Day 5: Document something new
Day 6: Document art
Day 7: Document autumn
Day 8: Document something funny
Day 9: Document inspiration
Day 10: Document your coffee break
Day 11: Document your favorite shoes
Day 12: Document the highlight of your day
Day 13: Document hopefulness
Day 14: Document a friend
Day 15: Document your commute
Day 16: Document a life
Day 17: Document something you made
Day 18: Document a boredom
Day 19: Document a room in your house
Day 20: Document inside your fridge
Day 21: Document a neighbor
Day 22: Document the thing you spent most of the day looking at
Day 23: Document a mentor
Day 24: Document giving thanks
Day 25: Document a stranger
Day 26: Document (the rest will come out day by day)
Day 27: Document
Day 28: Document
Day 29: Document
Day 30: Document

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