Friday: Things I've Found in Week 7!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Jumping right in :)

1.Which Toddler Wore it Best?: I love this post. Women are already held to impossible standards as far as beauty, weight, and fashion go. Why project this onto these poor little girls? And the comments? Are you kidding me? I bet they're from the Moms on Tots and Tiaras.

2. Hobo Mama: Formula Feeders and Bottle users Welcome: I still haven't accepted the fact that in my eyes, I failed at breastfeeding. I mean, I made it 5 months, but my goal was a year or more. Every time I have to feed Clara formula, I cringe a little inside. So, nonetheless, this post makes me feel... welcome. I feel like I'm judged by other Moms when they see me feeding my baby formula. But I feel misunderstood. I want to shout out, "I tried my hardest! I saw a specialist, I took all kinds of herbs and drank teas. I even pumped every hour on the hour. (Even during the night). And I still couldn't produce enough..." Yeah. I still have terrible mommy guilt.

3. Parenting FAILS- Halloween Edition: BAHAHAHA! Child group costume of Jersey Shore!? Parenting Fail. But a win. Simultaneously.

4. Magical Baby Monitor: A little too much tech for me. What about you? I don't have an iphone, so it kinda rules me out. But would you want one of these?

5. The World's 7th Billion Person: I read like 4 different articles about 4 different babies being the 7th billion person born. On Halloween, nonetheless. My friend, Cheri's, daughter was born on Halloween. Maybe it's her kid. The truth? No one really knows.

Thanks for reading! I would love your feedback, as well as your VOTES! If you would be so kind. :)

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