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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello. Thanks for welcoming me back. It's been too long.

Here's what's been going on recently.

1. Playing 2. Cousins 3. New car seat!
4. Winning 5. Clara ignoring food for TV 6. Visiting me at work on my birthday
7. Finally getting around to it 8. Off to see the butterflies 9. Tub antics
10, 11, 12 Day-date with dadddy (the downside to being picture shy- there are none of you)
13. New favorite beer 14. My niece wearing her mom's high school shorts 15. Busted!
16. Playing on the day-date 17. Shopping pro 18. Birthday beer

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Rina said...

Wow...looks fun! She's really cute :)

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