Friday: Things I've Found This Week

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh. Hi. Hello. 

It's Friday. Thank goodness. Are you excited for this week's links? Cuz I am!

1. Aha! Parenting- I'm really excited about finding this website.Want legit, expert answers to your questions about your kid? Check this page out!

2. Leaving Children in a Hot Car- I can't fathom leaving Clara in a car, but parents do it every day. Be careful this summer, and never ever leave your child in a car unsupervised.

3. Raising Boys From a Father's Point of View- "Let’s get one thing clear from the get go: moms are generally better parents than dads. And that goes double for me." 

4. A Mother's Prayer for Her Child- A lovely piece by Tina Fey.

5. Parent and Child Date Coupons- Perfect idea for the upcoming holidays for mom and dad.

6. Different Parenting Styles?- Couples still need to have each others' backs. I always remember that if mom said no, dad would say yes.

7. Spanking or Not Spanking: A Tale of Parenting Peer Pressure- Spanking debates are perennial: When a complete stranger approaches a mom to weigh in on it, parenting peer pressure becomes very real – if you're not being judged for one thing, it's another.

8. Thirty-Five-Hour Work-Week Recommended for Parents- Raising children isn’t considered work, of course.

9. 7 Ways to Save on a Kid's Birthday Party- I wish I would have had this for Clara's party.

10. The Guide to Mother's Day for Bad Dads and Everyone Else Everywhere- Mother's Day is coming up, and while all the Good Moms will smile and say it’s totally OK if you forgot Mother’s Day, or if you’ve booked a golf trip all day, or if her Mother’s Day is being spent at your Mother’s house where she will be subjected to passive-aggressive jabs and jell-o salads, be aware this crowd of Bad Moms sure won’t let you off the hook that easily.

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