Pregnant in America

Monday, March 14, 2011

So, I just finished watching the documentary film Pregnant in America. It was fabulous. I thought I was pretty informed about my options for childbirth, seeing as I've had 9 months to research. I had no idea what I was missing. I recommend this film to anyone and everyone who is pregnant, thinking about having a baby, or knows someone who is pregnant. I know my lovely friend, Rachel, will be very excited about this film, and will probably tell everyone she knows everything about it for weeks. :)
I am finalizing my birth plan this week. Cutting it a bit close, I know. But I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted out of my birthing experience. Now I do. I have no idea if it is covered by my insurance, but if I could back up a couple of months, I would have worked with a midwife instead of an OB, and I would be delivering at home or in a birth center.
"Birth plan outline": (Basically, as little medical intervention as possible)
-No IV
-No pain medication, epidural or otherwise
-Limited number of internal exams
-Limited fetal monitoring (I believe the minimum is 20 minutes every hour)
-No contraction monitor

-Use of hydrotherapy, birthing ball, and masseuse.
-Dimmed lighting
-As little people in the room as possible (BD and my mommy will be there for the delivery)
-No use of episiotomy, forceps, or a vacuum.

-No coached pushing (No holding my breath and bearing down. I want my body to tell me what to do, not the doctor.)
-Waiting to cut the umbilical cord until it stops pulsating. (I've heard of people leaving the placenta attached until the umbilical cord falls off... but that weirds me out.)
-BD cuts the cord... (I wanted him to "catch" the baby... but I don't even think he's gonna look down there. Which is probably best.. He'll pass out.)

Basically, I believe that my body knows how to give birth. I want as little medical intervention as possible, and I DO NOT want to be asked repeatedly if I want an epidural. I want to be able to labor in any position I feel comfortable. This includes being able to move around, which is why I don't want any monitors or IV.
I would not do well with having to lay on my back in bed the whole time, just having to deal with the pain. No wonder so many women get epidurals!

I've been told a bajillion times that I'm absolutely crazy for wanting a natural birth. That I'll "end up getting an epidural" because I "won't be able to deal with the pain". Maybe not. But maybe I can. I believe that giving birth naturally is what my body is meant to do. It's just temporary pain, and I can do that for my daughter. I know that I'm strong enough to do this. BD says I want it just for the bragging rights, and yeah, sure, that's a part of it. I think there will be no better high. That I will be so proud of myself and my body and my daughter. I could definitely use the confidence boost.
If anyone wants to further understand why on earth I would want to do this, PLEASE watch Pregnant in America. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of childbirth.

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