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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have so much crap! I'm packing EVERYTHING today in anticipation of moving into our new apartment! Yay! It's cutting it close, I must say. We get the keys on Friday morning, and I know I've wanted the baby out like crazy, but if she could at least wait until Saturday or Sunday to make her appearance, I'll feel a lot better about things. I know she has to come out eventually, but it feels like it's taking forever! (13 days to go until the guess date!)
Anyway, I'm moving a bunch of smaller stuff in my car tomorrow night, and my Mama is coming with a truck of all of my big stuff on Saturday. BD Is going to move most of our furniture on Saturday and Sunday as well. The thing is, he tends to do things on "Lee time". As in when it's convenient for him. Last night, I tried to explain to him that I've been needing to nest... badly... for about 2 months now. He doesn't get it. He says "we'll put the crib up when we get around to it". Which, to him, means when the baby comes home from the hospital and needs a place to sleep. I'm NOT waiting for that to happen. So, I think when my Mom brings stuff up on Saturday, we're going to put the crib together, as well as much of the nursery.
Now that I'm packing everything, I realize how much crap I have. I have soo many clothes that I'm sure I'll never be able to wear again. :( Once we move in, I'm going to have to go through everything (if I'm still killing time before the baby comes) and do it then. Can anyone say tax deduction?
I have a few projects to work on as well. I need to do paddles for my sorority. Mine broke (I don't want to talk about it... I'm still bitter), so I want to re-make it. Not to mention I want to make my pledge class paddle, and my sister, Melissa's paddle. Also, I want to make a crib skirt and bumper for the nursery, and I came across a pattern for a little stuffed elephant which would be soo cute for the baby. So, some last minute things to make my pre-baby resolutions would be nice. Ohhh! And my mom found a pretty white canopy for over the crib in the nursery at Goodwill for $2.99! So I need to do some work on that as well. I'm going to be busy!

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