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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have never been so uncomfortable in my entire life. BD is really sick of my bitching and moaning. But I'm going to vent to you. Because I know you care. I dread sleep every night. Sleeping seems like it would be a nice release, but it makes the pain worse. I toss and turn between my left and right side and sleep with a pillow between my knees to try to be comfy, but it just makes my hips, pelvis, and back ache. But I can't lay on my back or tummy.
She keeps being a tease. I'll get really bad menstrual-like cramps, sharp pains in my pelvic/cervical area, and spasms that feel like contractions (but are not regular and I assume it's her moving around), but nothing sticks. They say that if you walk, and the pain goes away, it's just false labor. Well, I'm having plenty of that. I'm ready for the real thing!
So, even though we're moving into our apartment this weekend (we'd better, or I swear someone's gonna get punched in the face), and it would be much better to wait, I'm sick of being pregnant. So, I've been researching old wives' tales to see if any of the techniques will work for me.

Things I've tried:
Pineapple- I'm so sick of it! I eat it every day!
Walking- I'm on my feet as much as my back will allow.
Squatting- I'm starting to be able to do it for longer, but it's still no longer than 7-10 minutes at a time.
Going up stairs- I've tried this. Even two at a time.
Sitting on a birthing/exercise ball- yep. Much comfier than other options, but doesn't feel like it would do anything.
Lunges- My thighs are starting to get into shape, but no baby.
Spicy food- delicious, but ineffective.
Acupressure- apparently, there are spots that induce labor in the webbing between your thumb and index finger, and 4 finger-widths above your ankle. They didn't work.

So, basically, I'm desperate. Any other ideas? I've mostly been trying to use gravity to my advantage to get the baby's head to open my cervix up. I'm already 80% effaced, so softening isn't necessary.

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Deanna said...

i tried natural induction methods with both my boys. nada. those kiddos are going to come when they are good and ready! :)

my uterus would tighten when i tried the acupuncture points. but that was it. you could always try castor oil.....but i probably wouldn't!

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