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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It has been over a week since my last post. Ridiculous, but being in Holland makes it difficult to blog.
I ha a doctor's appointment last Friday (the 4th) and she informed me that I was 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced. Pretty nifty, eh? All of that standing/walking/squatting is paying off. On another fabulous note, I hit 37 weeks! The bean is now FULL TERM!!!! and I cannot wait to meet her.
On Sunday, my old roommate from college/bestie from high school, Kallie, took maternity pictures of BD and I. I can't wait to see how they turn out! She has also spent some time in India, and gave me 2 sari-like wraps and an instruction manual on baby-wearing. Hopefully, it's not too difficult for me to figure out.
We made some headway on the apartment, and we got (in-writing) confirmation that we will be moving in next Thursday or Friday. (Over 5 weeks from when they told us we could move in originally). Ridiculous. And it's cutting it too close for comfort to my due date. I don't like it. At all. However, we will be getting the remainder of March free because of our patience, but I would rather just have a place to live.
Lee and I were out and about the other night, and I went to the bathroom. This would be an otherwise uneventful bathroom trip, but my water broke! Or at least I thought it did. Big difference. The next section is a bit TMI, so feel free to stop reading here, if you want...
But I know you're curious. :) After peeing for over a minute, I remember thinking to myself "Wow, that's a lot of pee." Now, I've heard and been told that your water breaking can feel like a big gush, but also that it can feel like you're peeing... but you can't stop the flow of urine with your pelvic floor muscles. So... I tried to stop "peeing" and it didn't work. At this point, I started to panic a bit. Fluid kept coming out for another 4 minutes or so... and after it seemed finished, I went back to the table and told BD, "I think my water broke... but I'm gonna call the Dr.". BIG look of shock on his face. So I went in the other room and called the on-call doctor, explaining to her what had happened. I told her I was at least expecting some sort of "gush" and contraction... or at least some kind of pain... but NOTHING!
The doctor says it can happen the way I experienced it, and that it was important for me to get to the hospital quickly in case my contractions did not start on their own. I went and told BD. He became very pale and I thought he was gonna have a panic attack, or pass out or something. I was very calm throughout this whole process, and we decided it would be better if I drove. I guess I wasn't convinced that I was in labor. So to the hospital we went. I truely thought BD was gonna pass out.
I changed into a gown once we got there, and after a series of questions, they hooked me up to some monitors. They did a test which involved sticking a swab up near my cervix (TMI, I know) and testing the fluid to see if it was amniotic fluid. Which, of course, would tell us if my water had truely broken. Some contractions were showing up on the monitor, but nothing major. I was still not convinced. BD paced a bit, and we watched some TV while waiting for the results. They came in after about 30 minutes and my water had NOT broken! Yay! (*As much as I want her out... it was not a good situation. I didn't feel right about anything that was happening, so I'm happy she wasn't coming for real.) But WHAT had happened? I was stumped. I asked the nurse and she said that if the baby is pushing down hard on my bladder, there's nothing I can do to stop it from coming out once I initially relax my pelvic floor. Weird, right? So at that point, I felt real stupid for making my extra-long peeing session into such a big deal. BD teased me about it, and then sternly told the bean not to make her mama pee like that ever again because it was scary for the both of us.
The end. :)

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be even more dialated, and I can get this baby out sometime this week. YAY! :)

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