My Wonderful Experience with Hypnobabies

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I had a wonderful experience using hypnobabies during pregnancy and labor. I heard about it through a friend, and I really thought it would be worth a try. I started the program when I was seven and a half months pregnant. What I noticed right off was how easily I slept. Instead of waking up multiple times a night due to discomfort and baby kicks and hiccups, I slept....well, like a baby. 
As Clara's guess date approached, I became more and more anxious about delivery. The positive affirmations really helped. I wrote out my birth plan, and my doctor found it to be appropriate. 
I was doing prenatal yoga and hypnobabies every morning and evening until the day before Clara was born. I finally felt ready and prepared. 
If you read Clara's birth story, you know that  we had some complications, and I was brought in to the hospital to be induced. Needless to say, my birth plan went out the window. After 18 hours of labor with no epidural or IV pain medications, I was still  going strong thanks to hypnobabies. I mean, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, it was HARD. But manageable. I could do it. I was able. But I had only progressed a half a centimeter in those 18 hours. So, it was decided that a C-section would be done.
 I'm still getting over the fact that I wasn't able to have Clara naturally. I will most definitely be with a birthing center or possibly a home birth with my next child. 
I would never take back my experience using hypnobabies. It kept me calm. It kept me focused on allowing my body to do what it does naturally. I truly believe that without the medical intervention, I would have been able to have Clara naturally.
Benefits of using Hypnobabies

● Many moms use fewer drugs or no drugs, which means less risk of side effects for you and your baby, due to elimination of the Fear/Tension/Pain Syndrome, and using post-hypnotic suggestions.
● Most Hypno-mothers have shorter labors since there is less resistance of the birthing muscles when pain and fear are minimized or eliminated.
● Hypno-Moms generally have much more energy throughout first and second stage, due to total relaxation throughout the birthing process.
● The birthing environment is much more calm and peaceful when you, the natural childbirth mother are comfortable, relaxed and confident.
● Breech and posterior babies can be turned using hypnosis.
● Blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature can be lowered and nausea, back and hip pain eliminated with hypnosis during pregnancy and labor.
● There are fewer interventions for failure to progress and therefore fewer complications during labor for our mothers and babies.
● As a Hypno-Mom, you are easily "deprogrammed" from the usual negativity of childbirth stories and scenarios you may have heard or read, by way of training in Hypnobabies classes and audio CDs which have positive messages and hypnotic suggestions. This automatically allows you to have a much more positive attitude and confidence in birthing. It is truly a gift that you are giving yourself, an amazingly easy way to enjoy your pregnancy more and actually look forward to your baby's birth.

It is well worth the time to look into Hypnobabies as a wonderful birthing option, both for yourself and for your baby. Natural Childbirth without intense discomfort has many benefits to mom and baby, and the deep relaxation has even helped many a nervous birth partner to enjoy pregnancy and childbirth, since they experience hypnosis in Hypnobabies class as well! In addition, the skills you will learn for relaxation and hypnosis will benefit you both for the rest of your lives.

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