Friday: Things I've found in week 11!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

1. What to Say if Your Kid Asks if Santa is Real: Hilarious and useful. :)

2. Extreme Attachment Parenting: How to practice attachment parenting without going to the extreme. Wonderful advice!

3. 10 Ways to Get Your Child Interested in Reading: I'm definitely going to take these tips into account when teaching the Bean to read. She already has a love for books, mostly chewing on them... but that counts, right?

4. Free Free books? Umm, YES.

5. Disrespect for Children: Does our society have a blatant disrespect for children? Read this blogger's opinion and decide for yourself.

6. Lunch. Parenting: Relevant reviews by real people.

7. Secrets of Boob Feeding: Oh the powers of boobies.

Enjoy! Feel free to comment. Also, the competition on is a bit ridiculous, so could you spare a vote? Thanks. :)

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Jordan Marie @ said...

good list hun! i added a lot to my must read again list for laters!

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